Twenty years ago this week was the twentieth anniversary of Elvis Presley’s final concert. Isn’t that bonkers?

What’s that—twenty years from the twentieth anniversary of this event sounds about right? It’s even more recent than you would have guessed?

Chew on this, then: it’s only been twenty years (since it was twenty years) since Jimmy Carter was sworn in as our mighty nation’s 39th president, and Anwar Sadat became the first Middle Eastern leader to make a state visit to Israel. Man oh man, what a time to be alive! Feel any older? Doesn’t time freakin’ fly? No?

Well try this on for size: Twenty years back twenty years back, the goddamned Yankees won the World Series! Imagine, if you can, that strange and otherworldly parallel universe! And last year it was just the Cubs? SNOOZE!

Uh, twenty years ago people were probably talking about the first Star Wars movie the way we’re talking about The Phantom Menace today.Twenty years ago, the body-swapping action classic Face/Off hits theatres. But it was only made possible by the release of disco musical-drama Saturday Night Fever, released twenty years earlier.

I’m feeling like a total dinosaur! Even now, I detect the mineral deposits infiltrating my soft tissues, transforming my remains into stone and fossil fuels—yourself?

Fine, then you wanna feel young? The first Harry Potter was published this week in 1997.

Prairie Kid

Prairie Kid

Prairie Kid hails from Illinois, where he enjoys shucking satire and writing corn.
Prairie Kid