Snow Day: A Morality Play for Y2K

Revisiting "Snow Day" in 2017 is illuminating, if a bit disappointing. Grind up your average family-friendly teen romance, season it with unsustainable 90s largesse and stuff it into commercial-grade casing, and you get this wonderfully escapist moralizing tale that says a lot more about the past than the future.

By Prairie Kid, ago
Anecdotal Evidence

Anecdotal Evidence | We Need Better Primaries

At this point I’m not interested in imagining some alternate timeline in which Bernie beat Hillary, or Hillary beat Trump, but politics aside, Trump’s election proves that the electoral system—which was designed to stop populist candidates from hijacking the government—is broken and must be reformed or reimagined.

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News and Politics

Al Gore: “Wait, You Can Do That?”

“Now look, don’t misunderstand me, I’m nothing like Trump,” Gore later told the Hybrid Herald. “It’s just that—and you may be too young to remember—but 2000 was a pretty close race. And I probably should have won except for Nader and the Florida hanging chads, that’s pretty much the consensus. Plus I won the popular vote.”

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