Recent College Graduate Fairly Certain Parents’ Pride Peaked, Now Dropping Drastically

Four months ago, 22-year-old Eric Miller graduated from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He received a degree in marketing with a minor in political science. His parents could not have been more overjoyed by their son’s long awaited achievement. “Except now," Eric says, "It’s like they’ve gone cold-turkey off some crazy drug. They’re coming down; and they’re coming down fast and hard.”

By Quint, ago
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Emboldened By Stephanie Meyer, George R. R. Martin Begins Writing Gender-Swapped Versions of Game of Thrones

“I'm never going to finish these books, so why not?” said George R. R. Martin, author of the popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire, after sources reported that he had begun rewriting his books and switching the genders of every character. “I've often heard that there's too much violence against women in these books. Therefore I'm going to make everyone happy, switch all the genders around, but keep the story and the names the same. It might make my books marginally easier to stomach.”

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