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GOP and Democratic Leaders Reluctantly Agree: No Candidate as Attractive as Canada’s Justin Trudeau

"Putin’s been much more receptive to criticism, knowing that he’s no longer the meager standard of attractiveness among world leaders," said President Obama in a recent interview. "It’s just a shame that soon the weight of the world will turn Justin into a dried up husk of a human, as it has done to myself. I used to be so young and fresh…so young and fresh…”

By Rat Fink, ago
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Plutocrat Governor: “Let Them Eat Cake”

From the comfort of his office in the capitol, Rauner remains unmoved. “C’mon, people love to complain,” Rauner told The Hybrid Herald, “Just like when my EPA stopped mailing out those vehicle emissions testing reminders, and everyone made such a fuss—’you’re leaving behind the computer illiterate,’ yada yada—but I mean, if you still don’t know how to use a computer, why do you even have a car?”

By Prairie Kid, ago

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Hybrid Herald!

Picture this: it’s February 13th. The time is…whatever time you’re reading this at. You realize tomorrow’s a minor holiday, and you forgot to pick up a pack of those cool lenticular dinosaur valentines for your frands! Well, buck up, kiddo. Our team of crack scrungologists has been hard at work developing the perfect set of valentines, and best of all, they’re free! All you need is a color printer and a pair of scissors.

By T. Jaxcott, ago